Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 27 (2014)

Workout: Fat Burner

The rebuilding begins.

Had an awesome 25 minute Fatburner workout. Feel amazing.

One day at a time.

Live life at 90%, but take it 1 day at a time.

Til Wednesday.


P.S. I'm not giving up

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 26 (2014)

Exercise: Fat Burner

No Fat Burner & Red Hot Core tonight. This was a case of I'm cranky and I needed to listen to my body.

Heart-rate was solidly in the zone (132-152) the entire workout, and I even got as high as 171. Whew!! This C4 seems to help me quite a bit.

Tomorrow's workouts: Below-the-Belt & Red Hot Core.

I'll make up the missed RHC when I draw the "Red Hot Core" exercise. I'll just do a double!

Til tomorrow,


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 25 (2014)

Exercises: Energy! & Red Hot Core

ROCKED that workout!! With the help of the C4 Cellucor energy supplement powder, I was able to POWER my way through that entire workout, and never got tired! WOOHOO!!

Heartrate was as high as mid-160s, which meant I was indeed "engaging right."

Tomorrow's workout: Fat Burner + Red Hot Core (at least, that's what I drew, anyway.)

Til tomorrow!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Redoing the Challenge

Going to re-do my DDPYoga challenge.

I have the following slips of paper folded up and put into a glass, ready to draw daily every week:

1) Energy + Red Hot Core
2) Fat Burner + Red Hot Core
3) Red Hot Core
4) Diamond Cutter
5) Below-the-Belt + Red Hot Core
6) Strength Builder + Red Hot Core

Basically, the "Luck of the Draw" dictates which workout I do each day. The REST will only be used once a week.

Also, I'm going to have some help in the form of supplements.

I am going on a 10-day cleanse with Whole Body Cleanse, along with some Flaxseed Oil Pills, and some C4 Cellucor.

I am determined to get my weight out of the 293.4 range even if it kills me!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Days 23 & 24 (2014)

Day 23 Exercise: Energy

Day 24 Exercises: Energy & Red Hot Core

So, I managed to do my DDPYoga on Saturday & Sunday! I am proud of myself, that's for sure!

Made a very startling (and, well, scary) discovery yesterday. See, the past few days, I've been waking up in the worst mood possible--angry at the world, and ready to just snap at the first person who looked at me the wrong way. I was angry at the world, moody, couldn't sleep worth a shit, and had a sky-high heartrate.

Yesterday was when I decided to Google "Hydroxycut Hardcore Side effects" out of curiosity. And, the side effects were what I've been experiencing since I started taking the supplements. Right away, I flushed them down the toilet and threw the bottle away. I did NOT need to have that going on in my life.

Tomorrow, I'll be looking into C4, as originally suggested by someone.

Anyway, last night and today, my heartrate was normal while working out, highest I got was 154, which was awesome. Everytime I checked, I was in between my ZONE of 132-152, so that's great.

Rethink your life. Step back. Get out of the rat race for a moment and look at yourself. Have you accomplished the goals that were once important to you? Have you created the impact, made the moves and achieved the things that matter most to you at this point in your life? Is your life working for you now, or are you just working to make it in life? 
Ask yourself...what will make you happy? Then, actually set out to do it! Make the decision not to settle for things as they are. Dream about what you want and will make a difference in living your life. You deserve the best that life has to offer, less drama, less stress, more appreciation and respect for your life, and for who you are. Design, create and step into a life that you are proud of living. You deserve!

I need to start working towards my goals again. Once I figure out how to overcome the obstacles and roadblocks, there's nothing or nobody that's gunna stop me!

Get out of my way!

Living life at 90%,


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 22 (2014)

Exercise: Below-the-Belt

Wow. Tonight's workout kicked my ass. My heartrate was as high as 176! That is way out of my zone! (131-151) I absolutely need to be careful moving forward.

I'm still shaking and sore from that workout, but I'm happy I did the workout. I had to rest yesterday... I was so damn tired. All this driving is really killing me. Yes, I love traveling, but not to Tyler County to work.

I should be thankful to have this job. Spent most of the day in the office getting help on the parcel I've been working on.

Tomorrow, it will be Fat Burner & Red Hot Core.

Tonight's closing quote definitely applies to me. Never too late! IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!

It's not too late to revive your dream. Don't allow fear, failure, frustration, lack of money, discouragement, sickness, pain, or any temporary setback to kill your dream. You are bigger than any of these things. Take courage! 
Believe that you can use any stumbling block as a stepping stone to a better life. Ask yourself ~ who can you count on? Who must you count out? Reassess, regroup, change your strategies come back with a vengeance! Resolve that failure is not an option. Keep looking up and moving forward. You can make it happen. You have GREATNESS within you!
-Les Brown

Until tomorrow, be good!

Living life at 90%,


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 21 (2014)

Exercise: Red Hot Core

Okay, I realize that I was supposed to do Below-the-Belt this evening and RHC tomorrow, but, my evening was drastically cut short due to a malfunctioning car battery and odd courthouse hours. Thankfully, tomorrow, I'll have a lot more time.

Got my heartrate around 130-150 bpm, which is fantastic.

Need to address something: People usually take those close to them in life for granted, and it pisses me off. People don't know HOW LUCKY they are to have the people they have in their life. Cherish your loved ones (and, yes, that includes friends.)

This marks the day 2 of the "21 Days of Excellence." I'm so glad I decided to do this. I need this.

A little Les Brown wisdom to close out the day.

You are enough. It's not what you don't's what you think you need that keeps you from living your greatest life. Everything you need to make your dream a reality is within you. It takes effort and work to develop yourself. 
You have abilities and talents in you that you haven't reached for yet. You have untapped power, drive, and determination to get things done. It requires making up your mind and sticking to it. Now's the time for your "A" game. You have what it takes. Make something happen! You have GREATNESS within you!

Until tomorrow, live life at 90%,