Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 13 (2015)

Greetings, everyone.

Admittedly, I took the month of February off. Why? Well, business really started to pickup, and I seriously neglected my workouts. Ugh.

But, for Lent, I am giving up fast foods and fried foods. So far, I seem to be doing great. They say Sundays are a "cheat day", and I've only used ONE of those cheat days. Good on me.

Anyway, I did some DDPYoga Energy today, and here are the stats:

Calories burned 361
Mean heart rate 131.35
Maximum heart rate 164

So, I managed to make my average within my zone, which was great.

I determined that in the month of March, I would make sure to take time every day to do at least 1 DDPYoga workout. I need to do 5-6 days a week. 20-30 minutes should be doable, despite me being busy with my business.

And, it seems like there are certain people out there STILL spreading lies and misinformation about me. Well, I don't know if you read this blog or not, but, if you do, pay attention to what I'm about to tell you: don't be surprised when I finally confront you in public about you trying to drag my name through the mud. You can block me on Twitter, but you can't block me in real life, despite your best efforts. Don't pin your transgressions on me, hoor.

Sorry, not the most positive thing to come out of my mouth, but it had to be said. I finally had to get it out in the open.

I'm so sick and damn tired of being pushed around by people that think they can get away with it. I'm going to start standing up for myself more. Just because I deal with depression and anxiety should NOT make me a pacifist towards those that like to ostracize me because of my mental illnesses. People that deal with mental illnesses need to stand up for themselves more, in my opinion. I've taken a more aggressive approach to fighting my mental illnesses, now I'm going to take a more aggressive approach against those who think it is okay to just cast people aside. And, if I lose friends over this, so freakin' be it. I'm sick of trying to please others and seek their approval to my detriment. I feel like over the past year, I've been muzzled and silenced. Not anymore. The shackles are coming off. A sleeping giant has been awakened.

However, I do accept genuine, heart-felt apologies. Apologize, and I'll forgive and forget. It's that simple.

Anyway, business has been boomin'. Billed for a lot of $$$$ in the month of February. Now, when I get this money is anyone's guess. Of course, I have to pay my people first. Believe it or not, I like paying my people. I try to do what Marcus Lemonis would do.

Talk tomorrow!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 12 - Part 2 (2015)

Workout: Course 2 on the bike

So, I overindulged this evening with dinner (okay, I made the famous nachos from Big Meals Small Places) and ate the entire bleeping tray.

Thus, I decided to hit the bike and see what I could burn off.

Course 2 - 9.76 miles
Calories burned 454
Mean heart rate 134.41
Maximum heart rate 156

I love seeing my average heart-rate in my zone. And, I love spending at least 50% of my workout in the zone.

Anyway, going to do some FatBurner + RHC in the morning.


Day 12 (2015)

Workouts: DDPYoga Energy + Red Hot Core

Sticking with my routine, despite taking a day off yesterday, I went with a double... Energy + RHC! The sweat was pouring and I was feeling it for sure. I love doing this workout... it really doesn't hurt my joints when all is said and done. It just makes my muscles (all throughout my body) burn!

Now, here are the stats and graph.

Calories burned 605
Mean heart rate 132.97
Maximum heart rate 168

605 calories BURNED!!! And, my average heart-rate was right at the bottom of my zone! Great workout. I spent nearly 50% of my time in "The Zone." (49.1%, to be exact.)

Tomorrow is a definite weigh-in. I decided to make them every other week so I'm not driving myself batshit insane over weight every week.

Until tomorrow's workout,


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 11 (2015)

Workout: DDPYoga Fatburner

Okay, decided to do a midday FatBurner workout. Needed to sweat, and I did so. Haven't consumed anything today except 2 bottles of water (bad for me, I know.)

Anyway, here are the stats and graph:

Calories burned 386
Mean heart rate 128.56
Maximum heart rate 160

Not bad... 386 calories, and nearly had my average heart-rate up to the zone.

As you can see, some considerable time was spent "IN THE ZONE", and that's how I was able to have a decent workout. Tomorrow, I'm going to add in Red Hot Core to Energy, and Friday; RHC FatBurner.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 10 (2015)

Workout: DDPYoga Energy!

Back on the mat after a couple of days off. Here are the stats and graph:

Maximum heart rate: 153
Mean heart rate: 119.0
Calories burned: 309

Burned a little over 300 cals today.. not bad. Not bad at all.

As you can tell, I didn't spend a lot of time today in my zone. In fact, I was only there for 6 minutes. 10 minutes was spent in the below zone. Just decided not to exert myself too much today. But, I knew I needed to get a workout in.

Had a meeting with my boss yesterday... we smoothed a lot over. Basically, he was angry when he wrote his e-mail and I felt the brunt of it. Hell, we all say things out of anger that we later have to retract. Lord knows I've done it, and will probably do so at some point in the future.

I got stood up on Saturday Evening for a date. You read that correctly. I was supposed to meet a really cute girl at one of the finer establishments here in town. I even confirmed with her several times that she was still a go for that day, and she positively confirmed. I was excited. I haven't been on a legit date in ages. However, she never made it to MBC. I was stood up. Haven't heard from her since. I should be thankful I found out early on that she's unreliable and flaky... not later on, like I did with the last girl I met online dating. (Yeah, it was that bitchy, red-head "Mayor's Daughter" who thinks she's better than everyone else... remember her? Haha)

However, I am NOT going to give up. Despite this area not being good for young, single males, I will make the best of it. I can do better than that girl that I "connected" with at POF.

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 9 (2015)

Workout: Courses 2 and 3 on the bike

These workouts were from Saturday, 1/17/2015.

Decided to hit the bike for the 2nd day in a row. Wanted to do Courses 2 and 3... here are the stats and graphs:

Calories burned 431
Mean heart rate 128.81
Maximum heart rate 157

Almost had my average heartrate up to my ZONE. Not bad. But, after this course, I knew it was time for 30 more minutes on a harder course. This was for 10.0 miles.

Calories burned 459
Mean heart rate 134.75
Maximum heart rate 163

This one required a little more power from my end, so I had no problems making my average heartrate into my zone. This one was for 9.89 miles.

890 total calories burned. 19.89 miles total.

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow, back at it.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 8 (2015)

Workout: Course 1 on bike

I had to get some type of workout in today! Why not in the evening?

Just worked up a minimal sweat, and here are the stats:

Calories burned 393
Mean heart rate 120.67
Maximum heart rate 144

I took it easy tonight, even though I'm hopped up on C4 Cellucor and may not sleep tonight. Oh well. Saturdays are for sleeping in.

No progress has been made on the work front... I don't know if the boss is stalling on purpose (to "ice me") or if he's just that busy. I just wanna get this next step over and done with... no sense in prolonging it, one way or the other. Either I'm back to work or I'm looking for something else.

But, if I am laid off for whatever reason, I already have a Plan B in place. I am feeling confident in my prospects, and my business deal. Discussing a new business with a couple of friends in the past week or so... hopefully that'll go somewhere. Maybe it's time for me to start thinking about my future away from the Oil & Gas Industry. I have no idea. I just hate this waiting game.

Anyway, time for me to hit the hay. Got a huge day ahead on Saturday!