Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 88 (2014)

Workouts: FatBurner + 20 minutes on bike, medium resistance (5-8 out of 10)

Today was an awesome morning to workout! (Also, I did 15 minutes on the bike last night before I went to bed.) Sweat and grinded my way through FatBurner, then hopped on the bike for 20 minutes. Every few minutes, I increased the resistance: Started at 5, went to 6, then to 7, then to 8, rode with 8 for a few minutes, then gradually cranked it down to 7, then 6, then 5, and the last 2 minutes were a cool-down. 5.15 miles.

Had lunch with a buddy yesterday at Firehouse Subs. We had a nice talk about the current state of our lives. He told me he was glad to hear some good news come from me. Well, I'm glad, but this is only the beginning. I was discouraged to hear he still gets treated like bleep at work by one of his co-workers. I'd say, at best, he has a tense, adversarial relationship with this particular co-worker.

Also, FINALLY got a Drs appointment scheduled. It's in early August, but I can't wait to walk into that Drs office and show them all the weight I've lost. Honestly, I think in August 2012 (last time I saw a doctor), I weighed 360 lbs! If so, that really adds to my story that I've almost lost 100 lbs in 2 years (50 lbs/year... yeah, I'll take that.) I am so thankful for my doctor giving me a much-needed kick in the ass to start losing weight. He simply said, straight up, "Jim, you could die at an early age if you don't lose some weight." I'm also thankful for DDPYoga for showing me the way! I know the morning of my appointment, I'm going to wear a pair of gym shorts, a Nike dri-fit t-shirt and carry my wallet & phone. Whew! Maybe I'll do some DDPYoga before my appointment to see if I can't drop a half pound or something.

Speaking of weight, I haven't weighed myself since June 1st. I was at 285.8. Today, I hit the scales: 286.00. I have done an excellent job maintaining my weight. But, now, it's time to get back on the "weight loss wagon." In 51 days, I maintained great weight. I want to lose 7 pounds and get to 279. That was my peak weight in October of last year. Maybe I'll make it my goal by August 29th/30th to lose those 7 lbs. Have something to celebrate in Atlanta (besides a WVU upset win over Alabama.) For all intents and purposes, I have 1 month to drop 7 lbs.

Until tomorrow...


Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 87 (2014)

Workout: Exercise Number 4 on the bike. 30 minutes resistance training.

Those are the courses I do. I've now done all of them at least once. Tonight, I did #4 and holy hell, when it got to 10 resistance, I was really pushing myself. 8 miles in 30 minutes! I'm not sure if that's good or bad or what, but I'm proud of myself for doing that. Tomorrow, back to the DDPYoga mat. I'm sweaty, my legs are sore, and I'm guzzling water. That's a good workout. Plus, scaling back the crap I eat is helping, too.

As I was explaining to a friend yesterday, once I made it my mission to help others suffering from depression, I don't discriminate. I don't care if this person hurt me, I'm going to help them. However, I'm helping someone else right now; someone very near and dear to my heart. They need it right now, and I'm so glad I can honestly relate to them.

Reading an article in the USA Today right now about how the mentally ill wind up in jail simply due to lack of resources to help them. So sad and infuriating.


Why, oh why, is the USA so far behind in helping the mentally ill? (Not to mention, also behind the curve on foods, too).

That's it for tonight. Check in tomorrow!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 86 (2014)

Workout: 45 minutes on the exercise bike

Did the toughest resistance workout I've done to date. 30 minutes (a full one) of course number 3, and 15 minutes on course number 1. One of these days, I'll post a picture of the "courses." I'm sweating, yet I feel good. Love biking and having Metallica running through my iPhone. Also, took care of a call while on the bike. I love technology! And, I love exercise! Tomorrow, I'm gunna give some DDPYoga Fatburner a shot! Then, Tuesday, bike + DDPYoga!

Received some news yesterday that just absolutely broke my heart. All I can do for this person is pray for their peace of mind, and their well-being. Also, just send good thoughts their way. Maybe, just MAYBE, at some point, I may reach out to them. Who knows. Nevertheless, just bleeping awful news. Thank God that news wasn't delivered to me on Friday, otherwise, a case of Whoop-Ass would've been opened on that person. Oh well, must be that time of year. I'm truly getting to the point in life where I'm thinking grudges and animosity serve zero purpose. Life is too short for that kinda bullbleep!

My therapy appointment is definitely going to be interesting this week. Definitely going to tell my therapist about all the events of last week. Maybe this week will be more interesting. I swear, if these situations I've ever been involved in get made into a movie, Jane Lynch is playing the therapist. How do I know she'd make a great on-screen therapist?

I'm just glad my therapy sessions aren't this contentious and sarcastic. This was an awesome show until Charlie Sheen left. I read recently the show is coming to a merciful end, several years too late. Seriously, if I wanted to watch Ashton Kutcher play a goofball character, I'd watch That 70's Show.

On that note, I'm going to go get me some tacos.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 85 (2014)

Exercise: 30 minutes on the bike, resistance exercise 2

Today's bike workout was an effing doozy. I really put a lot of "umph" into it, especially when the resistance was cranked up to 8 or 9. I did sweat, and now I'm paying dearly for it.

Had a WONDERFUL day yesterday. Found out about a lot of my upcoming funds (well, when I'll be receiving them), as well as received news on additional money I didn't think I'd be paid out. Plus, I received some good news yesterday that I never thought I'd hear. Also, I was able to help someone out that really, really needed it. It's tough when someone tells you that they feel alone and that they don't have anyone to turn to. I felt the exact same way when I was dealing with my depression in the winter. However, I am living proof that things do get better. If it weren't for a friend giving me the proverbial flashlight to get out of the darkness, I'm not sure where I'd be today.

Today was so rainy and miserable... I really could've used one of those Happy Lights today. Guess the sunlight wanted to take a vacation (it is summer, after all.) It's been rainy and stormy most of the day... I hate no sunlight days. Ever since I was diagnosed with S.A.D., I have a new appreciation for sunlight these days.

Anyway, that's it for today's entry. Catch y'all tomorrow. Oh, and I worked out 6 days this week. That makes me happy.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 84 (2014)

Workouts: 21 minutes on the exercise bike (med. resistance) and DDPYoga Wake Up.

Damn... what a morning workout! Honestly, I've been up since 2am and I have no idea why. I guess my mind has been racing lately with a lot of thoughts about life and the future. Anyway, back to the workout; I started sweating on the bike, and I had the bright idea to do some DDPYoga! Was going to do Red Hot Core, but decided to do Wake Up. I nearly puked during Wake Up! Seriously! When I was doing the "half dogs", last night's light dinner nearly came up on the mat! Thank God I held it in.

Weighed myself this morning (since I haven't done it in forever) and it appears that I've gained less than 2 lbs since I last weighed myself in June. I seem to be doing well with the maintenance part. Now, it's time to get crackin and start droppin a few pounds!

Despite being awake since 2am, I feel surprisingly refreshed and focused (of course, I think the Onnit Alpha Brain has to do with the latter.) I did sign up to be an affiliate for Onnit Alpha Brain. Seriously, if y'all want to try it, click the Onnit link (I'll post it once Onnit approves my account... get your ass outta bed and approve my account, Joe Rogan!), buy the Alpha Brain or other supplement, and I get a little kickback. I think I'm going to start putting affiliate links on this site to make a little cashola. Trust me, this site will NOT be littered with ads. I hate that, and you do, too. Plus, I'm only going to promote stuff I believe in (like DDPYoga, or even shopping at Amazon.)

I actually have a big money title search at my county's courthouse today. So glad these searches are finally coming in. Just hope I get paid for them in a timely manner before I head to Atlanta to see WVU (hopefully) open a can of whoop-ass on Alabama.

It's already 730am and I'm ready for the day! Not sure what it's going to bring, but I hope it brings me only the best. Got my 90mg Avitae Caffeinated Water (which you can buy through my Amazon link! Just cluck it, punch in "avitae caffeinated water" in the search engine, and boom), sweatin a little bit from the workout, and got my music cranked. Would love to try their high-test 125mg water.

Lately, I've been listening to podcasts more than music. Only music I really listen to is Metallica and Eminem these days. Podcasts: Steve Austin Show (both family friendly & unleashed), Ross Report, and the Jay & Dan Podcast from FoxSports1. Seriously, Jay and Dan are hysterical. Anne Murray's sheets. If you don't listen to the podcast, you will NOT get that reference.

Nothing new to report on the Mental Health front. Still fighting the stigma every day. Lately, most days haven't been a struggle. I really feel for those that have to deal with depression year-round. That *bleep* is horrible to deal with every winter. Can't imagine having it year-round.

Anyway, that's it for me. Until tomorrow, swig of water for the blogger!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 83 (2014)

Workout: MixTape

Man, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MixTape! Still struggled with the Hood Ornament and other standing poses. One of these days, I will get those down, no problem. DDPYoga is truly a great thing, and I'm glad I'm a member of the team. It has helped me overcome my seasonal depression. Hopefully, next winter, I'll be ready to hit the ground running to combat my depression (along with some simulated sunlight lamps for my desk.)

So, one job offer I was hesitant about is now a little more fleshed out after, guess what, I asked a few questions! Looks like I have a decision to make, and soon.

I'm ready to start writing about sports again, whether it's with BlueGoldSports, or another WVU site. If BGS won't take me back, I will shop my services around. I do have a reputation among the WVU blogs. Good or bad is up to everyone else to decide. I like to think I put out good quality work with HailWV (I will not be going back to FanSided; nothing personal against the Best Bros., but, it's time to move on to other outlets) during my time there. Also, I hope to start writing about college football with Vince Russo's site, Pyro & Ballyhoo, soon. Just waiting for VinnyRu to get back to me. I'm also going to be posting a new section to this site devoted to my writings elsewhere. So, we'll see what happens.

Who is Vince Russo, you ask? Click the link to his WikiPedia entry. Basically, he was a behind-the-scenes writer when rasslin was good in the late 90s, early 2000s. In fact, he recently posted an article on his bouts with depression. Worth taking time to read.

Work seems to be picking up a little more on the title search front, too. These little searches keep me tided over, and they add up. It's just a matter of chasing some of the checks down! Oy vey.

On that note, hit up my Amazon Link on the right hand side of this page!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 82 (2014)

Workout: FatBurner

Another Day, Another FatBurner (c). This one was done in the cool West Virginia air (low 60s to be exact.) Hopefully, before football season starts, I can finally get a HRM to accurately measure progress.

This morning, I got an e-mail for another potential job opportunity with an oil & gas company, hopefully to do some abstracting. In fact, they just e-mailed me and asked me several questions about a potential project. I'm going to have to stew on it for a bit... there are several features they mentioned that I've had little to no experience in. Plus, I'm not terribly comfortable with hotel stays. Last time I stayed in a hotel for an O&G project, it turned into a disaster. Let's just say the company nearly screwed me over and set me back a week, financially. I guess I'm just going to have to be honest with them. I don't have the $$$ right now to be paying for a hotel every week. Or, do I? Hmmm. Got some "thinkin to do."

Also, helped my father move some limbs into a brushpile; minor storm damage. He wouldn't let me use his chainsaw. Dangit. Maybe next time.

Oh, today marks 3 months of no hard liquor for me. Although my therapist started me on May 7th, I didn't have a drop of hard booze since Tax Day. Granted, owing the IRS is enough to make anyone wanna drink, but I do NOT need to be touching hard liquor at all. I seriously never knew that shit was a depressant until I entered therapy. Now, it's beer or no booze for me. I don't like wine, it makes my mouth dry. This was all so if I get depressed again (and it could happen), I won't turn to alcohol to amplify it and make things worse, and I can learn better coping skills. One skill I've recently taken to is picking up an actual book. I've started on Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's book "Why We Want You To Be Rich." I really wanna read a lot of personal finance and business books by those two, and other people. Also, will be starting on Dale Carnegie's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People." A timeless classic for sure. (In case one of you wisenheimers want to challenge me on my consumption of beer, I present to you a link to study the definition of LIQUOR.)

Speaking of therapy, gotta call and get me an appointment next week. I'm also hoping I can land a job soon with one of the three job offers I received.

Gunna close out with one of my 3 favorite Eminem songs, "Going Through Changes."