Sunday, December 21, 2014

Days 143-146 (2014)

Okay, I forgot which days I did these bike workouts, but I'm gunna post the details from what I have saved on my Notes app

9.83 miles
448 calories

10.0 miles
457 calories

9.9 miles
450 calories

So, no records were broken, but, I did burn some calories.

Today, though, I got on the mat and did me some DDPYoga Fatburner.

I recently purchased me a Scosche RHYTHM+ Heartrate monitor. At first, I used the Digifit app, but it was freakin garbage. It ALWAYS froze that app, along with the health app. I was about to throw in the towel, but, I was determined to find a SIMPLE app that synced up with the app and my phone via Bluetooth. Enter "Heart Graph." It is a simple app... it keeps track of heartrate throughout the workout, and calories burned! Cha-ching! It is definitely worth the extra 99c to upgrate to the Premium Features!

It's about to get all "SportsScience" up in here. My heartrate zone is 130-150. How did I determine that? Using the DDPYoga formula... start out at 180. Subtract your age (180-30) and that is your MAX zone. (180-30=150) Then, subtract 20 from your MAX, and that's your MINIMUM. (150-20=130.) So, in order to burn fat, I need for my heart rate (beats per minute - bpm) to be between 130-150.

When I go over 150, this app definitely lets me know it.

Anyway, here's the stats and graph from today's workout:

- Duration: 0:27:22
- Maximum heart rate: 166
- Mean (average) heart rate: 134.2

- Calories burned: 405

Overall, I am pleased with these results. Just like with every workout, my goal is to burn 500 calories in a single setting. But, 405 isn't bad. My average heart-rate was in my zone, and my max was 166.


As you can see here, it took me about 8 minutes to finally get into my zone and stay. Zone 3 is my Fatburning Zone. In fact, I was in my Fatburning Zone for a total of 11 minutes and 31 seconds. Here are some additional stats. Zones 4 & 5 are the danger zone. When I go over 150, my app alerts me, and I need to dial it back a bit.

- Time in Zone 5: 0:00:00
- Time in Zone 4: 0:03:55
- Time in Zone 3: 0:11:31
- Time in Zone 2: 0:09:14
- Time in Zone 1: 0:02:40

So, that's it for today. Starting in 2015, I will continue to post daily workouts, but I'm going to go back to posting weekly progress reports. I'm also going to be adding a new workout to the regimen:

Walking Lady.

Yes, Lady needs to drop a few pounds. Don't get me wrong, she's cute as can be, but, she needs to drop a few pounds. Right now, she weighs 51 lbs. Not sure what kind of goal I should set for her.

As for me? Well, I weigh 298. Not good. My goal is to get down to 270 and then shed 5-10 lbs off after that, and maintain around 230-250. I need to start eating better again. You can't out-train a bad diet. No more fast food for me! Football season and the holidays make it extra tough for me to maintain. But, it has been done once, and it'll be done again.

The best has yet to come.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Days 141-142 (2014)

Workouts- Friday: Course 1 on the bike; 9.49 miles and 432 calories
Saturday: FatBurner & Red Hot Core

I worked out 5 out of 7 days this week. Not bad at all. I am definitely going to train like an Olympian to get back to optimal shape. Last night, I ate way too much pizza and watched some College Fooball. It looks like RichRod choked in yet another big game. Wonder what excuses his apologists have for him now?

Last night was also an easy night on the bike, just so I could work off some of that pizza. Whew!

Today, though, was Spaldings to the Wall! I did an hour of DDPYoga... FatBurner AND Red Hot Core. Has to be my favorite DDPYoga workout combination. Going to try and start doing my "morning workout"... Wake Up & Red Hot Core.

I am beginning to have some hope and optimism for 2015. It will definitely be better than 2014. I won't lie, this was a horrible year for me. But, there were a few positives that came from it.

Right now, I'm going to wrap this entry up and get back to the Iowa State/TCU game. Go Frogs! Oh, and later, Go Baylor over K-State! Bedlam (Oklahoma/Oklahoma State) is irrelevant to the playoff race this season. Meanwhile, WVU, Kansas, Texas, and Texas Tech are done for the regular season.

Until next time!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 140 (2014)

Workout: Course 2 on the bike

Broke a record! Tonight, I cranked out 10.5 miles and burned 478 calories! WOOHOO!!

Today, I found myself reflecting a bunch on the past year... the ups, the many downs, and everything in between. I don't wanna sound like I'm complaining or whining, but I have had a rather rough year.

I suppose I can post a preview of how the year went

January- Not much happened this much, except the Broncos ran through the AFC bracket to the Super Bowl

February- Broncos got their asses kicked in the Super Bowl. Depression slowly sets in.

March- Depression slowly gets worse, I pick up work.

April- Depression reaches its peak in my life. Lose a friendship that meant a lot to me. Had the worst time in Myrtle Beach... was lonely all weekend. Later on, Lost my job due to my mental illnesses. (That part wasn't directly implied.) Also, this month is when I began my counseling and was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (seasonal depression). Also, disappeared altogether from social media.

May- Went to the races in Charlotte... began the process of my one-man recovery. Revealed to the world that I suffered from depression.

June- this month kinda went slow. Continued to go through counseling.

July- Hired on at a small oil & gas firm where I do NOT fit in at all... got released several days later when I asked why I wasn't getting paid for my training. Began getting closer with someone who I really loved.

August- Things slowly begin to turn the corner... then, Ruff had to be put to sleep. So heartbreaking. Went to Atlanta with Sarah for WVU football. Renew a friendship that was an unfortunate casualty.

September- Begin WVU football season in Morgantown. Got a job back with the company I really enjoyed working with. Car begins to go to complete shit. I'm borrowing other cars for a while.

October- Buy a new vehicle after exhaustive car shopping, including two idiots at Matheny Factory Outlet trying to tag-team me into paying more for a KIA Sorento.

November- My birthday. Also, went down to Charlotte to pay someone a surprise visit, and I drove back to WV with a lot more questions. Finally decide to throw in the towel on this person.

December- Nearly lost my job due to my dumbass and big mouth, but was given a second chance.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 139 (2014)

Workout: Course 3 on the bike

Let's see... 10 miles even, and 459 calories scorched. Not bad.

I'm trying to work out 20-25 days this month. 3 days have passed, and I have 1 in so far.

Looking back at the past year, it's been a rather rough one. I've experienced and gone through things that I really wouldn't wish upon anyone, including my worst enemy. I've experienced some horrible losses in my life (both death and people walking away.) I've learned a lot about myself... mainly, I have a couple of mental illnesses/brain diseases (seasonal depression and a major case of generalized anxiety disorder.)

Yet, on the other hand, I've had some good happen to me this year. I was able to improve my credit rating, improve my finances, and PURCHASE A NEW VEHICLE!* Also, I've made several new friends, strengthened some friendships, and renewed some friendships that should've never been broken to begin with.

*= it's NEW to me.

Here throughout the month, I will FINALLY open up about the big losses I experienced and what I learned from them. Hunker down, I may take some hard shots at some people.

Talk tomorrow.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Days 131-138 (2014)

Well, now, it's been a while.

Just coping some stats from the days I worked out...

131: Did one workout of DDPYoga Fatburner, but I've mostly been on the bike

132: Course 2: 9.31 miles, 424 calories. First time in a while I've worked out, so I was a bit sluggish.

133: Course 2: 9.47 miles, 431 calories

134: Course 3: 10.1 miles, 463 calories

135: Course 2: 10.1 miles, 461 calories

136: 30.63 miles, 1369 calories (3 courses in one day, courses 1 and 2 first go-around, then course 2 again)

137: Course 2: 9.99 miles, 455 calories

138 (today, 11/30): DDPYoga Energy!

I'm going to get back on this routine. No bleeping excuses. I weighed in at 295 yesterday. That is unacceptable.

Here in the next few days, I'm going to talk about my life and what's gone on since then.

Til then, be good.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 130 (2014)

Workout: MixTape

Wow, been a while since I did MixTape... and I am glad I did it! Broke a sweat outside... got some new supplements yesterday, I'm ready to get back on the regimen to get to 270 by the end of the year!

So, ESPN College Gameday is coming to Morgantown for the TCU game... wow!

Not much more to say... gotta return a call to a certain someone this week. This sucks not being able to talk to her for over a month. Ugh.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 129 (2014)

Workout: FatBurner

Wowee... got my ass back on the DDPYoga mat today, and it felt GREAT! I'm so happy I did this... I needed to in order to clear my head.

Yesterday evening at the car dealership was a clusterf**k! I don't like being in an office where it's me vs 2 salesman. Well, they can forget getting my business. A-holes.

Today, I am determined to get a car within the parameters of what my credit union is willing to lend, and what I have to put down as a down payment. I am so freakin tired of this car shopping.

Anyway, that's it for today.